Company news of JSC "Russian Cable Company"

JSC "Russian cable company" took part in the meeting of NP "International Association "Electric Cable"

From April 11th to 12th, the 79th meeting of NP "International Association "Electrocable" was held at the congress hotel "Russian Seasons".
The Russian cable company took part in it.

A lot of issues were raised. At the beginning, we discussed the results of last year, and then such important topics as judicial protection of enterprises and import substitution in all areas - from raw materials to equipment.

Although the agenda of the meeting was of a crisis nature (AEC President Mikhail Tretyakov predicts a 20% drop in production during 2022), the cable operators were very optimistic.
Evgeny Borisovich Vasiliev, Vice President of AEC, believes that cable operators will be able to cope with many tasks if they approach them responsibly.

It is worth noting that the AEC directorate is already actively searching for manufacturers of equipment to replace electronics, units and components (and later production complexes) from “unfriendly” countries. In particular, new Russian companies have been found that are ready to cooperate.

The discussion of the day was the discussion of minimizing losses of the cable industry in the existing conditions. Based on its results, we can say that there are two ways to solve the issue of equipment: meeting the needs of cable operators through large system institutions and consortia or creating one or more production sites based on existing production facilities.

To sum up the meeting, it can be noted that the industry is united in its determination to cope with the issues facing it; the methodology and methods have to be worked out, but the goals are common, and this will allow concentrating resources - intellectual and social, to achieve results. The industry sees the result as import substitution of raw materials, the start of production of its own equipment, software and electronics for the needs of the cable industry.