Company news of JSC "Russian Cable Company"

On behalf of the head of the Podolsk City District Dmitry Zharikov, a working visit to took place to JSC "Russian Cable Company"

On the 13th April, 2023, on behalf of the head of the Podolsk City District Dmitry Zharikov, a working visit took place to JSC "Russian Cable Company".

Alexey Karpov, the First Deputy Head of the Podolsk City District Administration, deputies of the City Council Yuri Alekseev, Maxim Kruglov, Alexey Stulov took part in the meeting with the management and the labor collective. They summed up the results of the work for the first quarter of this year, noted the successes, discussed the plans of the enterprise and presented the best employees with municipal awards, as well as diplomas and letters of thanks from the Council of Deputies of the district.

Starting its way as a small organization 17 years ago, today the Russian Cable Company Group is one of the largest enterprises that is a developer, owner of technical specifications, manufacturer, as well as a major supplier of installation, power, control and other types of cables and wires. It cooperates with Russian corporations, carries out complex deliveries of cable and wire products, electronic components and electrical equipment for the needs of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. The company's branches are located in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Tver, the Komi Republic and other regions of our country.

In just a year, the number of employees and the amount of wages have increased significantly. Now the group of companies employs about 100 people with an average income of 89,500 rubles.

JSC Russian Cable Company, along with its entrepreneurial activities, actively participates in the public life of Podolsk and the country, and is engaged in charity work. The company is a conscientious taxpayer, employer, paying great attention to social policy, creating favorable conditions for its employees. The management calls its main task the preservation and multiplication of the team, which, of course, we wholeheartedly support," Alexey Karpov noted.

There are enormous plans ahead – to create a technopark "Severny" and 300 new jobs. The complex of administrative and household buildings is planned to be built until 2025. The implementation of projects will begin in May.