Company news of JSC "Russian Cable Company"

The "Cable without Danger"

“The Cable without Danger” project is a joint initiative of three Associations to counteract the distribution of cable products that do not comply with the TR CU and other regulatory documents. The companies that supported the initiative do not produce or distribute inappropriate cable products themselves and choose the same conscientious manufacturers to work on the market.
At the moment, there is a situation in the electrical market of the Russian Federation when the turnover of falsified cable and wire products has become a mass phenomenon. The main problem is the receipt by the end user of products whose declared characteristics do not correspond to the actual ones, the distribution of products with deliberately understated characteristics, products without the necessary labeling, etc.

This situation causes real harm to all market participants – end consumers, sellers and distributors, manufacturers of cable and wire products, takes distributors and manufacturers beyond the legal field. The use of low-quality products poses a real threat to the life and safety of people, creates a threat of emergency situations: failures in the operation of equipment, fires, explosions, including with the onset of such grave consequences as the death of citizens.

On April 14th, 2016, at the Moscow JSC "VNIIKP" NP Association "Electric Cable", the Association "Honest Position", the Aluminum Association of Russia ("Association of Manufacturers, Suppliers and Consumers of Aluminum") and leading representatives of the Russian cable industry signed a joint statement aimed at countering the spread of low-quality cable and wire products. This initiative has received a wide response among the leading representatives of the cable industry and the largest distributors. The unequivocal approval of the historic document for the industry, as the cable operators themselves have already dubbed it, was received from the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the RSPP and Rosstandart.